10howto feminism

Decided to make little list on how to live a more feminist life, and how to be a more active feminist in your everyday life! So lets begin!

♥Help other women! We have to stick together in this and work together because we basically all want the same thing, freedom to do whatever we want with ourselves and our lives. So even if that annoying woman at your job or the mean girl at school is giving you a hard time, if the patriarchy tries to put her down, stand on her side and have her back.

♥Teach others about feminism. Even though it is not your duty to teach others, they can very well teach themselves. Men often wants us to teach them just so they can shoot down on our arguments. Don´t waste any time on that. But teach your friends, parents, siblings, or anyone who seems sincerely interested.

♥Dress however you want.Wear how much make up you want. Color your hair pink if that is what you want. Basically just be you! No matter how you look, what your body looks like, just be you. This will piss a lot of people of, especially men. But hey, isn´t one of the most fun parts of being a feminist doing just that? 😉


Beth Ditto, great feminist role model! Look her up if you don´t know who she is!

♥Eat whatever you want! Don´t let the pressures of society get to you. And I know, this is so hard. I´ve had so much problems with food, hating my body etc, my whole life almost, so I know. But try to remove yourself from that. Don´t look at magazines, or tv shows that make you feel bad. Unfollow social media accounts that only make you think less of yourself. Do the opposite! And concentrate on all the amazing things your body can do!

♥Sharpen your arguments. Anti feminists want nothing more than to see you fall and fail. So read and learn as much as you can so the next time some stupid guy is trying to convince you there is no such thing as rape culture, be sure you know exactly what to say to convince him otherwise.

♥Sharpen on your comebacks also. Sometimes you just don´t want to argue with someone. Because, who´s got the time right? So work on some great comebacks instead, like these 😉

♥Have awesome friends who are also feminists. Together you will be unstopable! And it is so good to have someone to talk to who understands you, who understands why you get angry because you just saw a movie where the only woman in it were a prostitute.You don´t need to hear that you are overreacting, you need someone who will get just as angry as you!

♥Be active. Start a zine, a blog, do creative work, anything really, just so that more people can learn what feminism is really about.

♥Listen to feminist music, watch feminist movies and read feminist literature.

♥Be brave. It can be really tough and scary being a woman in this world. Just remember we are all in this together, we got your back.




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