This is what it can look like when I´m taking photos for the shop. Some colorful or white paper and my camera, on my phone 🙂 Pretty simple but thanks to good lighting and a good photo editing program you can get pretty good pictures.


This is what it looks like if you look outside. I live in Gothenburg, which is Swedens second largest city and by the horizon by the trees you can see the city.


And this is what it looks like if you look the other way. Took the jewelry pictures in my son´s room today, because of the great light. His room is a bit empty today, I have begun an extremely ambitious cleaning and sorting project of the entire apartment. I want it to be clean before spring. Which officially actually already begun so I have to hurry up hehe.  The whole apartment is to be properly cleaned and a lot stuff sorted out, to be sold or thrown away.




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