Yay it´s Friday everyone´s favorite day! Hope you have something totally awesome to do this weekend, but if not, here are some things you can do!

♥If you live in Sweden and is in Gothenburg today and this weekend you have to go visit Metamorfos pop up shop! They will sell mine and a lot of other feminist and non feminist artists work! It is going to be awesome! Read more on their Facebook page.

♥If you haven´t watched Suffragette yet you should! I did a small review on the movie a week ago, it is in Swedish though. It is a movie about the feminist Suffragette movement if you didn´t know 😉 Great stuff!

♥Or the new season of the X-files, please do! Or even better, the old seasons of the X-files! There are now 10 of them so if you haven´t got nothing to do…

♥Watch the Oscars if you missed it! Everyone in Sweden is so proud that Alicia Vikander won an award. She is also from Gothenburg btw 😉 She´s awesome!

♥Make feminist art! I´d love to see! Make it visible on your social media platform and tag it with #catsfightbackart 😉





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