Yes, it is time for the first in a series of recurring blog posts here at catfightback! The DIY guide! Going to be so much fun! I love being creative and thought I wanted to share with you my best tips. So, first out is shrink plastic!

First, what is it?

Shrink plastic is a material you can use to make cards, jewelry, key rings, name plaques etc. The plastic shrinks, hence the name, to a third of it´s original size and will become slightly thicker when shrunk in the oven. You can draw, stamp or paint on it.

So, I decided for this little tutorial to make a Nicolas Cage necklace! Why? Well, Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage, do I really have to explain why? First,find a picture you like and vectorize it! I have no idea how you do that, haha, made a friend do it for me but it shouldn´t be that difficult. Or, you can just google, like in this case, ”nicolas cage vector”. And print it out on a piece of paper.


Of course, you don´t have to print a picture out, you can paint or draw whatever you like, directly onto the shrink plastic. And remember, this is important! The plastic shrinks in the oven so make the picture about three times as big as you want the final result!

The shrink plastic I used for this project is transparent, but they come in most colors! So I just put the plastic over the Cage template on the paper and copy the picture. I use Posca pens, which are really good. They are kinda expensive, so I buy mine on Ebay, much cheaper! But any kind of waterproof marker will work.


Then I cut the guy out.


I wanted this to be a necklace, so I made a little hole at the top. I used a punch plier (again, Ebay;)). Works really good.


Then I put him in the oven at 175 degrees Celsius. And it only takes a couple of seconds and then it is done, so don´t do anything else while it is in the oven! Then you have to quickly get it out and put it under a heavy book which you prior wrapped tinfoil around. Put your piece of shrink plastic under the book and let it rest for a couple of minutes.

Then, it looks like this! Pretty cool huh?


Tadaa! Love it and everyone I showed it too loved it. Everyone I know kinda have this love/hate relationship with Cage so this is perfect.

You don´t have to make a necklace, of course. You can make earrings, rings, key rings, pinback buttons etc etc!


Good luck with your project!







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