Just some thoughts about being self-employed and owning my own business/making a living being creative I had today.

It is hard. You never know when your next sales going to be, if you are going to be able to pay your bills in time, etc. It is definitely not for everyone. Even though it sometimes makes me want to give up and get a normal job, most of the time I just love it!

And it is so important for you to understand that you need to go through bad times also. Those days where I have no sales I work harder than ever. I come up with new ideas, I take new photos, I work on my social media skills and so on. If I didn´t have those days I would just sit on my ass and watch the cash roll in. That would be awesome of course haha, but I wouldn´t enjoy what I do, I wouldn´t feel the love for my company as I do now. And wouldn´t take pride in my work. I love doing this, it is so much fun. I love being creative, I love being my own boss.

It is supposed to be hard or else everyone would be doing it.

We are born in to this world as incomplete humans but we have all the instruments to be everything we ever dreamed of. But we are supposed to learn to become that. I mean, if we had everything and were everything from start, how would we ever appreciate it?





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