Jag tänkte skriva här på svenska men just den här texten, pga finns även på min Etsy sida, kommer på engelska!

Hi everyone!
My name is Sofie. I´m a 31 year old single mom living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have always been a creative person and I´ve always known I wanted to have a creative job and be my own boss. But, I have also always been a bit insecure and rather unsure of my abilities and therefore not brave enough to go after my dreams. Until one day…
Back in 2012 I had finally gotten accepted to my dream education. I was going to be a translator! I had worked hard, studying for about three years on university level. But, it was not what wanted, deep down. But I was too scared to admit this. Because, what else was I suppose to do, if not take the same road as everyone else?


One day I had a private meeting with one of my teachers. All the students had, it was about an assignment. My results were not good at all and this teacher (who always reminded me of Ernest Hemingway, and was kinda scary but also really likable) just told me, straight to my face; do you really want this, because this is not good. I almost died. You do not want to hear that, especially not from this guy.
I cried afterwards in the bathroom at the school. What am I going to do, because he was so right!
I left the school, and just a couple of minutes later a woman walked up to me and asked me if I´d ever done any modeling or if I was interested in doing so. I said no, not really my thing, but, I saw this as a sign, I should be doing something else!


Soon thereafter I found this awesome artist here on Etsy. Here shop is called imyourpresent. She is really creative and I immediately fell in love with her work. The thing that I could really connect with was that she wasn´t really using any specific technique for her work. She wasn´t painting or had any specific skill, she was just amazingly creative and that really inspired me! (I know she can sew really well and probably a lot of other things also, but it was her creativeness that really struck me).
Another sign I thought, I can do this! I never had any specific skill, and that was also one of the reasons to why I didn´t think I could do this, that it would always just be a dream. But I have always had a ton of imagniation!
So I just began creating.

20170213_162741.jpgI quit school. I began walking dogs and working on my shop 8-10 hours a day. Learning, reading, creating. I loved it. Then, I got pregnant.
Me and my boyfriend lived in a student apartment(none of us were students, meaning we were going to get kicked out at anytime), we were both unemployed and our relationship were dead. But I choose to keep my baby. So there I was, pregnant, feeling like I was dying everyday(had a horrible pregnancy) with a man I didn´t love. But my newfound passion kept me going, working as much as I could.
About two months before my son was born I started making feminist jewelry. Things hadn´t really took off, even though I worked really hard for about 6 months. I had like 6 sales, and 2 were to my mom. So I began feeling a bit down, and really frustrated and desperate.


Feminism was getting increasingly important in my life and I felt that I wanted, not only to be a feminist, to be an active feminist. So one day it just became clear. Do feminist jewelry. So I began doing that and immediately things changed! From selling one item a month, I sold for about $500 in a month. I was so happy! And it just became bigger and bigger!
Then my precious little boy was born and I had no time for catfightback but that didn´t really matter because the first year it took care of itself more or less. Which was so perfect. Me and my boyfriend broke up, and I was alone with a baby and had no time for anything but him.
And from there it has just grown. As my son became older he started to spend more time with his dad which meant I had more time to work. I´m constantly learning, creating, working, on this. This is my dream and I´m finally making it happen. It´s so amazing.
And this is just the beginning, I´m sure. I have so many creative ideas I want realise.
What is also important to me, beside being creative and being an active feminist, is sending out the message to follow your dreams, follow your bliss. Anyone can. If I can, so can you. ❤



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